IKEA Murphy Bed

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You can save yourself lots of cash by building your Murphy bed by yourself. A ready-made for installation Murphy bed can easily cost $2,000 or more. But then, a DIY Murphy bed takes you through the inconveniencing experience of building it, but most individuals are quite handy in such things and have a knack for doing these sorts of tasks. You can easily buy a hardware kit for around $500, though there are other kits that come with the wood and equipment and could be easily gotten for about $1,000. Thus, a few choices and prices are available for you to choose from.

Murphy bed with ikea pax wardrobes

The common best approach for most purchasers is to buy a do-it-yourself kit for a couple of hundred dollars and make out time during the evening to assemble the unit. Although this requires more investment in terms of time and energy, it spares you a lot of cash as opposed to the customary practice of buying the full package. A good number of installers will charge you exorbitantly for this kind of in-demand building and installation project. You can use the quick guide below to cut them out and save yourself some money.

IKEA Murphy Bed Hack

Though you will be able to build a murphy bed quite easily using a DIY Murphy bed unit, for tasteful purposes, some individuals tend to join the Murphy bed with some other different furniture. IKEA hacks are a standout amongst the most prevalent alternatives as IKEA furniture is reasonably priced and visually appealing, thus the huge popularity of IKEA murphy bed. This makes them a decent blend with a DIY murphy bed.

If you will be constructing this bed yourself, you will require some materials. Don’t forget that picking only the cheap materials and building supplies is the wrong way to go. Try not to compromise quality for price in this task. You need to know that this is a long-term investment for your home. A decent supplier will spare you more money as opposed to making future repairs due to inferior and cheap materials used initially. Cabinets additionally serve adequately as more than a bed holder. By using these cabinets, you can likewise avoid pointless decorations.

For the duration of this guide, we will join a murphy bed with IKEA pax wardrobes.

diy ikea murphy bed

Get the building materials ready before starting the project:

  • DIY murphy bed kit available on Amazon.
  • Pax wardrobes can be found at IKEA.

Step By Step DIY Murphy Bed Plan

Step One – Placement

To successfully place a DIY murphy bed in the right spot so that it is practical and 100% balanced, I would propose you place the bed right in the middle of two IKEA Pax wardrobes. These closets can serve nicely as stabilizers for the quaint little bed between them and give it enough leverage to revolve safely on its pivots. It’s a favored choice that these wardrobes be built-in or attached to the wall or divider.

Step Two – Building the Bed Box

Take measurements of the bed to know what size to make the Murphy bed box so that the whole project will be fundamentally steady. You will require no less than an inch of additional space for the bedding to have adequate room to settle in comfortably. Place three 2×4 wooden boards and wood sheets on the outer edges of the bed to make the bedding 100% balanced inside it.

Step Three – Attach the Hinges

The hinges of the murphy bed has to be properly attached for it to swivel correctly into the vertical position. You will require sturdy, stable hinges for you to successfully assemble this and ensure that it works correctly. The heavy-duty door hinges are the perfect choice for this specific task as they are built to carry heavy weight and still have the ability to turn easily and effortlessly.

Step Four – Secure the Stands

You’ll have to add stands to your Murphy bed that can be folded and unfolded whenever the need arises. The chosen stand ought to be a wooden board that is screwed on and that you can unfold or a spring-loaded stand that can turn outward when you let down the bed. A contrasting option to this is to construct the Murphy bed very low to allow it settle comfortably on the ground when it is let down.

Step Five – Place the Mattress

The bedding or mattress should be secured in the bed box; else it will tumble out often. The common suggestion is to use a cord or rope to secure the sides of the bedding and tie it off to a nail. This won’t harm the mattress but will add a touch of additional balance. It can be easily untied if the bedding needs to be changed, replaced or cleaned.

Step Six – Cover the Bottom of the Murphy Bed

It’s possible that using ordinary 2×4 wooden boards won’t look great in your room or lounge. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to use a more appealing wood to cover it and probably paint over that part of the bed to make it look good. Place a couple of painted woods that blend well with the wardrobes it is using as stabilizers on the base of the Murphy bed to enhance the general appearance and feel.

Step Seven – Try it Out!

Let down the bed a couple times to see if the hinges of the bed is properly placed and working fine. In the event that you can let the bed down and back up effortlessly and climb into it without any problem, then you did a truly amazing job. If the bed stalls or creaks when letting it down or up, then you need to make some adjustments or rebuild the Murphy bed.

Murphy bed kit and cabinets

To begin your IKEA Murphy bed DIY task, first, map out a design that will suit the setting of your room and has an incredible appeal and feel that you are capable of handling. Ensure it suits the room you are building it for and try not to make any of the mistakes listed above while constructing your Murphy bed!

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