Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Palette

     Benjamin  Moore's       "CROCUS      PETAL      PURPLE"          2071 - 40  (left) 
      and      Behr's                           "DREAMLAND    BABY"                    2A36 - 3   (right):
" a soothing, soft lilac...looks pretty and feminine, especially with blond wood "- BHG

Is    any    color    palette    more    beautiful    than    Spring's ?
Though   Autumn   is   my   favorite,   Spring   is   a   close   second! 
Both   palettes   consist   of   WARM   TONES,
that   is,   a   warm   or   golden   base   or   undertone.  

 Glidden's                     "SPRING     GREEN"               GLG03    ( left)
           Benjamin    Moore's       "ORIENTAL     IRIS"                   1418
"periwinkle - will perk up any room" - BHG
" I'm emotionally attracted to periwinkle blue. It's soothing and serene and metamorphic, because it goes from gray into blue into lavender, depending on the time of day and the month of the year and the person looking at it. No two people see color the same way. Blue combines two things I love, the ocean and the sky, which lifts me out of the quagmire of reality. It's a kind of bath.  It represents a cleansing. "  -  John  Saladino

Benjamin    Moore's        ''JAMAICAN     AQUA"              2048 - 60    (left) 
" Adds  the  pop.    Match small upholstered pieces and pillows to this hue. "   - BHG
                               Duron's                  "ROYAL     PURPLE"                  4055A    

Spring's     palette     is     sometimes     mistaken     as     mostly     pastels
( as   opposed   to   bright   or   bold   colors  ) ;    it   actually   includes   both.     Spring colors   are   clear,   not   muted    or   dull.     Moreover,   it's   the   Winter   and   Summer   palettes   that   contain   the   most   pastels.

Benjamin   Moore's      "SPECTRA   BLUE"          2049 - 50     (left)
" Why not put the sky on the floor? Sooo cool. It's unexpected, contemporary, upside-down! This turquoise is the color of our Santa Fe sky on a clear day. Hang an antler chandelier, slipcover the sofas in oatmeal linen, add a rustic coffee table, and you've got a hip, affordable Santa Fe look. "    -  EMILY  HENRY
and                "ELECTRIC    SLIDE"            404

              Benjamin  Moore's      "MORNING    GLORY"                  785     (left)
                       Donald    Kaufman     Color           DKC - 48
" We're such Donald Kaufman fans because his colors are enigmatic.  You can't decide whether this is terra-cotta or brick or red or brown.  Different lights bring out different tones.  Black or white trim would give you that Grecian urn kind of thing.  You could see this in one of those 19th-century rooms at the Met.  Gilt wood looks incredible against it. "
-  Carey Maloney

Benjamin    Moore's         "TRUE      PINK"                2003 - 40     (left)
and                 "SAILOR'S       SEA       BLUE"        2063 - 40
" This blue is one I use constantly.  It's softer and warmer than a hard, sharp blue, and it just feels like Nantucket, where you're in the middle of the ocean and there's blue all around you.  It makes me think of sunshine on water and sailboats and mermaids and good times at the beach. "     -  Gary  McBournie

       Glidden's                  "PINK      CARNATION"           GLR13   (left)  
Benjamin   Moore's         "CLOUD    WHITE"               967 / OC-130

And,    while    the    Autumn    palette    has    both
muted  ("muddy")    and    clear  ("clean")    colors,    
the    Spring    palette    consists    solely    of    clear    color.     Enjoy! :)

  Benjamin  Moore's     "PERKY        PEACH        2012 - 50    (left)  
" This soft, sensual peach has
 the   romance   of   candlelight   and   the   warmth   of   cashmere.
If a woman paints her bedroom this color, a man might think it's too feminine until he's in it. But then he would feel enveloped and embraced, warm, cozy, taken care of -- all those things people like to feel. "  -  SUSAN ZISES GREEN
             and             "PALE      DAFFODIL"        2017 - 60
" This is a pale, pale orange.    It's   really   the   color   of   candlelight,
and it does the same thing for your walls. It gives them a glow. It will turn any room into a light box. You could play off the warmth with some cool gray-blues, or if you want to bump up the volume, bring in mustard or celadon green or periwinkle. "  

      Valspar's         "CLUBHOUSE    JEKYLL    PEACH"         15     (left)
Benjamin   Moore's        "TRUE    PINK"                   2003 - 40   

Benjamin    Moore's        "CORAL      PINK"            2003 - 50    (left)
" Pink is always on my mind. I just have to find a taker. This client couldn't be happier with her cheery pink sitting room, and her husband was just glad he didn't end up with a pink master bedroom. The pink is completely unexpected — it's the color of borscht with cream — and then you move on to other, more subtle rooms. It's like a cherry in your drink. " -MARY MCDONALD
       and                           "BASHFUL"                    2017 - 60 
" ... this     soft     blush     diffuses     the     light
and     makes     your     skin     seem     flawless.
It's like face powder, with a hint of flesh.  And it strikes the perfect balance, toned down enough to be a neutral but definitely there -- like a great perfume. "   

Donald    Kaufman    Color            DKC - 28      (left)
To       me       this       is       the       color       of       light; "
sort of like crème fraîche and butter and sunlight and moonlight all mixed together.  I really like how it changes.  When it's sunshiny, it takes a back seat and becomes more creamy, but when it's dark outside it looks very bright and luminous. "    -  Malcolm  Kutner
       Benjamin   Moore's      "LOVE      AND      HAPPINESS"        1191
This     is     a     ballet - slipper     pink     with     a     hint     of     beige, "
which keeps it from looking too sweet. When picking a pink, always go to the top of the card and get the palest version of what you’re dreaming of, because even if it looks subtle on the chip, it won’t be so subtle on the wall. And watch out — the brighter it gets, the more childlike it becomes. ”  -  Alexa  Hampton

                     Benjamin   Moore      "CORAL      ROCK"             032         (left)
                               Full  Spectrum  Paints'       "CHARTREUSE"   
" This is about rebirth, growth, and nature. It's the color of new leaves. Chartreuse can be very acid, but this is more of
a   soft   yellow - green,    easy   to   work   with.
I see it in a master bedroom with creamy linens and a touch of coral. It would bring in some life. "  —  Barry  Johnson.

                   Benjamin   Moore's       "FADED    DENIM"                  795     (left) 
                                          and         "STARBURST     ORANGE"        2010 - 30

Clear     colors,     jewel     colors
--    that's     what     Tony   Duquette     liked. "
Think of a painting by Tiepolo -- yellows and pinks and sky-blue and coral.  Tony might use coral as an accent -- that little touch that makes the whole thing happen. " 
- Hutton Wilkinson


                         Benjamin    Moore's        "FRESNO"            02        (left)   
" It's      such      a      welcoming      color
Orange feels like a younger, fresher version of red. "
-  Mona  Ross  Berman 
 and         "RAZZLE       DAZZLE"            1348
Pick one wall. Apply two coats of Rust-Oleum Magnetic primer, paint it this yummy raspberry color, and then put up your children's artwork, school schedules, and birthday invites with magnets. "  -  Philip  Gorrivan

Benjamin   Moore's     "FLORIDA    KEYS    BLUE"      2050 - 40


                        Benjamin  Moore's      "RED    TULIP"       2000 - 30

                             Benjamin    Moore's       ''BLUE'          2066 - 10   (left)
                             Farrow  and  Ball's     "PIGEON"               46           

Benjamin   Moore's       "SWEET    ORANGE"      2107 - 40    (left)
                      and        "REEF      GREEN"         2042 - 20

               Benjamin   Moore's      "EXOTIC     FUCHSIA"        2074 - 50     (left)   
                                              and            "LEMON   SHINE"              2020 - 20

                                Behr's                 "PEPPER     GREEN"              420B - 7

Benjamin  Moore's     "LEMON     DROPS"                     2019 - 50 


                  Benjamin   Moore's       ''CLOUD     WHITE"                      967    (left)
            Sherwin   Williams'          "URBANE    BRONZE"                  SW7048

                     Sherwin  Williams'       "ZANY    PINK"          SW6858    (left)
                                           Donald    Kaufman    Color    DKC - 36

 Ralph    Lauren's       "RACER      PINK"        RLIB - 227
and      Behr's          "PEACH    BUTTER"       SG310
" It’s a strong vibrant pink, as masculine as you can get in a pink, with a nice shine to it. In a small entrance hall I like to use deep strong colors to help define the space. Otherwise you lose it. "

designer quotes via House Beautiful and Beautiful Homes and Gardens magazines
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