Power Neutrals White

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Power Neutrals: WHITE

interior by joseph minton, paint color unknown

What’s the best white paint color — for YOU ?
Here are the most – requested, top – selling

white – neutral paint colors . . . and the closest you’ll come to
” fail – safe and ” fool – proof ” color!

interior by timothy whealon, paint color unknown

Color expert Maria Killam describes the “80/20 rule,”
as it applies to paint :
Eighty percent of all paint jobs involve
only twenty percent of all paint colors. ”

above paint color unknown

Benjamin Moore ‘s ” L I N E N W H I T E 9 1 2
Benjamin Moore’s all – time, number – one – selling white

[ LINEN WHITE is ] absolutely classic.
A bit warm and not overly crisp,
meaning it never looks brand new. Fades into the background, offering support to the other colors in the room.
My kitchen cabinets are linen white, since
I wanted the room to look lived in instantly. ”
– Celerie Kemble

“Linen White” walls at “Boxwood” in Atlanta, GA, Miles Redd
When in doubt, LINEN WHITE. ”

You can phone that in.
It might seem like a cop – out, but it works beautifully.
I use it when people are unsure. They want something
light and airy, but not stark white.
No matter what light you put it in, it looks good. “
– Matthew Patrick Smith

LINEN WHITE has gotten us through many a paint dilemma.
It’s a creamy white, very neutral and just works.
There’s a reason it’s so popular!
When it feels too yellow, we cut it with one part White Dove and it’s a toned down version. Its a great staple color. ”
– Enchanted Home

” A . . . flexible, soft white . . .
If you are looking for a white that will complement any variety of room décor, [ LINEN WHITE ] will provide the
perfect backdrop for art collections
and pieces of furniture and any color combination you may choose.
– Frank Campanelli
“ [ LINEN WHITE ‘s ] creamy undertones can help
add a glow and warmth to a space.
It looks especially beautiful at night in a room full of lit candles. ”
– Grant Gibson Moore "Linen White" (70) in Eggshell. The trim is Benjamin Moore "Super White" (02) in semi gloss.
I take a gallon of Benjamin Moore regular white

and a gallon of Benjamin Moore Linen White
and mix them together. ”
– Mario Buatta

50% Linen White and 50% Decorator White;
it’s sort of a design secret that has been used for years. ”

– Grant Gibson

Another white paint color with similar levels of acclaim:

Benjamin Moore‘s WHITE DOVE OC – 17

My fave shade of white is Benjamin Moore WHITE DOVE
it’s warm but not too yellow, not too gray. “
Nick Olsen


” a foolproof, livable shade of white. ” – Cary Bernstein

clean, calm, and a great backdrop for art.” – Celeste Robbins

“…the perfect shade of white… not too yellow, not too blue.” Chloe Warner

If there were such a thing as

White Dove would be it. ”

” . . . a cool, modern white with a very faint taupe cast;

e v e r y o n e t o t a l l y l o v e s i t. ”
– Doty Horn, Director of Color and Design, Benjamin Moore
T R I M :

“Anyone can pick a color for walls. What’s harder is choosing hues for trims and ceilings. [White Dove] is my choice for window casings and door frames. ”

– Todd Romano

“[White Dove is] great on woodwork in traditional homes”
– Mario Buatta

[White Dove] looks great in oil-based high gloss on trim!”
– Nick Olsen

“If we had a signature trim color [White Dove] would be it!”
– Chloe Warner

Proceed with confidence that one of these two whites will work for you!




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