Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nature's Amazing Palette

Farrow  and  Ball's        "TANNER'S     BROWN"         255       (upper left)
Sherwin   Williams'        "DETERMINED    ORANGE"     SW6635    (upper right)
Benjamin   Moore's              "EDGECOMB    GRAY"          HC -173       (lower left)
Farrow   and   Ball's                         "PIGEON"                     25           (lower right)

If     ever      you're     at     a     loss     for     a   
color     combination     or     palette
just        look        outside :        everything        you        need        is        there.

Ralph     Lauren's                "DRESSAGE      RED"               TH41   (upper left) 
Farrow   and   Ball's       "PICTURE     GALLERY     RED"          42     (upper right) 
Benjamin   Moore's                ''HORIZON     GRAY"             2141-50    (lower left)
Farrow   and   Ball's                   "CAT'S      PAW"                       240        (lower right)


Behr's                           "ORANGE     PEEL"             SG290       (upper left)
Dunn   Edwards'           "BANNER    GOLD"          DE6181        (upper right)
Farrow  and  Ball's                   "STONE"                       6            (lower left) 
Farrow  and  Ball's           "SKIMMING    STONE"         241            (lower right) 

There   seems   to   be   no   more   beautiful   palette   than   nature   itself

          Martin   Senour's         "BITTERSWEET"            129-2      (above left)
                        Behr's                 "YELLOW     CORN"       330B-5     (above right)
                  Behr's                 "FALL      LEAVES"          270D-7    (below left)
     Benjamin   Moore's     "LEMON     SHINE"         2020-20   (below right)


Benjamin Moore's           "AUTUMN   ORANGE"          2156-10        (upper left)
Farrow and Ball's                        "TANDOORI"                1105                  (upper right)
Benjamin Moore's     "BLACK  FOREST  GREEN"      EXT/RME-46 (lower left)
Benjamin Moore's      "LANCASTER   WHITEWASH"     HC-174    (lower right)

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

FALL texture and color

PHOTOS:   1.,  7. golden october,   2. autumnal hymn,  3. falling for october, 
4.  cider and cinnamon,  5. seasons change,  6. unknown,  8. october glory, 
9. autumn approaches, 10.  crisp leaves, 11. october spice,   12.  c. young photography

R E L A T E D       P O S T S   :

Nature's     Amazing     Palette

Fall   Decor :   arrangements

"all   creatures   great   and   small"

for   the   love   of :    FALL

Amazing       Fall      Desserts

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

all creatures great and small

Each  little  bird  that  sings,
He  made  their  glowing  colors,
He  made  their  tiny  wings.

All    things    bright    and    beautiful,
All  creatures  great  and  small,
All  things  wise  and  wonderful:
The  Lord  God  made  them  all.