Monday, August 20, 2012

"still life, quick heart:" cats!

Study  of  a  Sleeping  Cat           late - 19th  c.            William   Holman   HUNT

Chat  Blanc,  Fond  Rouge           c.   1926             Tsuguharu   FOUJITA

A    Cat                          1995                       Vaino    ROUVINEN

Girl   Making   a   Garland          c.    1513         Hans  Suess  von  KULMBACH

Cat    with    a    Mouse                   c.    1662                    Dutch 
artist   unknown

Cat                                1886                           Louis    WAIN

Petit     Chat    Endormi                       1865  -  1870                   Claude    MONET

The    Cat's    Repast                 19th c.                  Joseph - Claude   BAIL

Sam   the   Pink   Cat              1954                Andy   WARHOL

Still    Life    with    Cat                19th   c.                Guillaume     FOUACE

A     Crouching     Cat                16th  c.              Hans   HOFFMAN  
German,        watercolor    on    vellum

Cat                   19th  c.                  school    of    Ivan    POKHITONOV

Black    Cat    Sleeping,   Facing   Right           c.  1910 - 1920          Gwen    JOHN
British,           Gouache     on     paper

Cat                           1869                        French
artist    unknown,        oil    on    canvas

A     Black     Cat             late - 19th  c.            Théophile    Alexandre    STEINLEN

Still    Life    with    Cat   and   Lobster          1962             Pablo   PICASSO

As with my other posts on works via "Still Life, Quick Heart," I'm always thrilled by  the scope    of    styles,    periods,    nationalities   and    media    represented.   
(Not to mention  the  number of years -- if not centuries -- between them!)  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

crisp, end-of-summer whites

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Friday, August 17, 2012

What do you collect?

 D o e s n 't         e v e r y o n e         c o l l e c t         s o m e t h i n g ?

Isn't   collecting   one   of   the   little   things   that   make   life   fun ? !

I   love   seeing   what   people   collect . . .

often  times  it's  something  you'd  not  have  guessed.

Apothecary  bottles,  19th  and  early  20th-century, 
have  been  hot  collectors'  items  in  recent  years...

along  with  the  much  sought-after  apothecary  cabinets.

I love my (very) small collection of John Derian découpage plates...

even if everyone (and their brother) has them!

From  the  Victorian  era  on  into  the  1960s,

people  wore  hats  every  day,

men  in  particular  (à  la  Mad Men) !

Clocks  and  watches  make  for  classic

and  timeless  collections  as  well!  :)

The  key  is  collecting  what  you  love. 
(If you get tired of it, sell it on ebay!)

Not  only  does  it  mean  surrounding  yourself 

with  the  things  you  love,

but   telling   your  friends  and  guests

something  interesting  about  you.

Half  of  the  fun of  collecting

is  finding  a  creative  way  to  display  it.

What    do    YOU    COLLECT ?

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