Tuesday, July 10, 2012

color combos: GREEN + BLACK (+gold!)

Green and black combinations seem to be popping up everywhere these days...
and although not always the case, gold is often part of this combination.

In many cases the greens are warmer, spring tones...

and others move towards medium, kelly-greens to deep, saturated emerald greens.

Bravo for the creative and gutsy combination above, the walls' middling-green/turquoise is almost overpowered by the warm, glossy greens on the lampshades and boxes.  The bold floor is a great match for these items as well, but nor does it lead the eye away from this dramatic black-green-white-gold combination!

Talk about an EXCITING, glossy space; this foyer is covered from head to toe in glossy, light-bouncing materials, from the silver-leaf ceiling to the high-gloss paint, to the polished marble floors.  The dog is a wonderful decorative accessory....but the green still takes the prize for most exciting and dramatic.

As much gold and black and sometimes busy pattern play their parts in this regal and timeless space, above, GREEN is still the key element. 

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R E L A T E D       P O S T S   :

Greens:   Kelly,   Clover  +  Emerald!

Fifty   Shades   of   Green

ode    to     the     shamrock

Monday, July 9, 2012

soft summer whites

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whites  for  spring

Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Still Life, Quick Heart:" Dogs

 I love posting art from the "Still Life, Quick Heart" tumblr!  I hope you'll enjoy these portraits, "dog person" or otherwise, as they span six hundred years!  For further information click on the orange link below title information. 

Study  of  Greyhounds     early-18th c.     Alexandre-François  DESPORTES 

Vincent     I                       2007                     Pieter      PANDER
Dutch,            oil     on     canvas,           New     Dutch     Realism

A   Welsh   Black   Springer   Spaniel               1820              Richard  JONES

A  Wolf  and  Two  Doves         1620         Sinibaldo   SCORZA
Italian,        pen  and  brown  ink  over  black  chalk,         J.  Paul  Getty  Museum

Touc,    Seated    on    a    Table          1879 - 1881
Henri    de    TOULOUSE  -  LAUTREC
French ,        oil    on    panel

Muff,  A  Black  and  White  Dog      1740-1750      John  WOOTTEN
English,       oil    on    canvas,         Tate   Collection

An    Affenpinscher                   1580                    Hans     HOFFMANN
The    Toy    Pinscher             19th   c.             Carl    REICHART
oil       on      board

Persian     Dogs              1929              Norbertine    BRESSLERN  -  ROTH
Austrian,       linocut 

Mouser                  1853                       Thomas      Hewes      HINCKLEY
American,          oil    on    canvas

Toy     Spaniel     of     Infanta     Maria     de     Bourbon
c.   1763          Giovanni      Battista     TIEPOLO
oil      on      canvas

Dog    in    the    Snow             c.   1923              William    NICHOLSON  

Dog    Scratching           1920            John   NASH  
British,    still - life   and   landscape   painter,      wood    engraving

Minnie                     21st  c.              Sarah     SPENCER