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coral + salmon II : bold, bright and cheerful!

In  a  recent   post,   corals + salmons:  pastel-to-medium,   I   mentioned   that   this  color  is  experiencing  a  resurgence  in  popularity!
Until  recently,  we've seen  very  little  of  this  color.

Benjamin      Moore's         "CORAL      REEF"         012 
(shown  above)
" Take    a    chance    on    this    bright    coral, 
softer    than    orange,    and    more    hip    than    pink.
Very   Palm   Beach   and   Lobster   Salad   on   a   summer   day.  "  -Scott Sanders

Instead  of  the  more  muted  tones  of  the  past,   corals   of   recent   years   have   been    cleaner,     brighter     grapefruit  -  pinks.
These     pink - y       corals     are     cheerful
and      they     bring      the      drama!

Benjamin Moore's        "ALL - A - BLAZE"        1304 *
is   recommended   by   Charlotte  Moss

A  pale  blue  ceiling,  above,  is  a  subtle  foil  for  this  bright  punch  of  color.

The   North   Parlor   at    The   Greenbrier      (aka   "The  Princess  Grace  Room"),
above,   is   an   historic    DOROTHY  DRAPER    interior.
Draper's mid-20th-century regency style has been dubbed  "Park  Avenue  Rococo."
The   paint   color   is    Benjamin  Moore's     "BLAZING    ORANGE"     2011-20 .
( Is   that   the   clock   that   was   on   'the   Bachelorette'   recently  ? ! )

The Dining Room above is a Jacques  Grange interior; part of the Agostinelli home in Paris (walls in 'Provence Stripe: Cerise and Sand,' by Thorpe of London).

Benjamin   Moore's          "TANGERINE    DREAM"          2012-30
" It's a wonderful Luis Barragán color, an orange that doesn't look silly.  The secret about these big, white California Spanish houses is that inside they feel dark and gray.  So I sit the clients down, tell them this is what we're going to do, and it will make you look ten years younger.  That usually gets them to say yes. "
-Jarrett Hedborg

Benjamin    Moore's          "PERSIMMON"          2088-40
(shown   above)

Charlotte      Moss'      recommendations:
- "I would paint the walls a shell pink, and then brighten it up with shades of white.  Alternatively, adapt a concept  from the 18th-century, where the walls would have been white, and the trim would have been painted a saturated brighter shade of pink.   A third, more modernist approach, would be to   semigloss   the   walls   and   trim   in   the   same   color.    I would choose a beautiful shade of coral, like the darkest shade of the inside of a conch shell." 

Benjamin   Moore's         "BIRD    OF    PARADISE"        1305      
( shown  above )
This  is  a  real  late - 1940s,  early -1950s  coral,  deep  and  rich.
It's  Debra  Paget  wearing  a  sarong  in  Bird  of  Paradise.
I  throw  this  color  on  ceilings  -- that's  the  Billy  Haines  trick.
He  knew  it  would  make  everybody  look  great. "
-Jarrett Hedborg

Benjamin    Moore's          "GERANIUM"          1307
(shown   above)

Which      color      palettes      best      suit      these
bright grapefruit and watermelon corals?   Lots  of  WHITE, to begin with, and  BLACK. A soft, PALE BLUE works, as does a bold, Kelly GREEN, and a chocolate BROWN.     PINKS  and  REDS,  i.e. tone-on-tone palettes, are another way to go.   As you can see in these photos, both silver/chrome  and   golden-bronze/brass hardware  (from seating and lighting to picture frames)  work well with these colors.   To  accompany  its  "GERANIUM" (above)  Benjamin   Moore   recommends   its "SEMOLINA" 2155-40, a soft, buttercup yellow, plus its cooler, brown "DAVENPORT  TAN"  HC-76   along with its  ''CAMEO  WHITE" 915.

Benjamin    Moore's        "BULLS   EYE   RED"       2002-20
(shown   above)
At     some     point, 
these       corals       become       reds...
 extremely    bright,     extremely    saturated,     pure - color, 
Kool - Aid     Tropical    Punch  -  reds !
-  E  N  J  O  Y  !

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designer  quotes  via  House  Beautiful  Magazine, except Charlotte Moss


Friday, June 8, 2012

"still life, quick heart:" cats

"Still Life, Quick Heart" is an exciting tumblr, showcasing all manner of art.  The cats depicted below originate from artists whose styles and periods (from the 17th- through the 21st-centuries) are as varied as their countries of origin.  Enjoy!

Opussyquinusqe,   the   Cat          c .   1932             Duncan     GRANT

Le   Chat             c .   1920              Raoul    DUFY  

Interior   with   Cats          1957          Henry   Wanton   JONES 

Figaro                 1945              Francis    CHAPIN  

Two   Cats   on   the   Farm           1960          Joseph   MADER 
 (1905-)   German        tempera  on  chalk/pencil  drawing  on  paper

Portrait   of   a   Black   Cat         20th c.        Dorothy   Lake   GREGORY
(1893-1970)   American          oil on canvas

The    Large    Cat                1657               Cornelis   VISSHER
(1629-1658)     Dutch             engraving            The   British   Museum

Cat   and   Kitten              1838          Henriette  RONNER - KNIP

Mary    Steals    By            2010            David   KONIGSBERG

Cat  with  Dead  Game  and  Fruit  on  a  Table           17th  c.           Jan  FYT

 Blue   Cat              21st  c.            Richard    BAWDEN 
British           linocut / edition  of  85

Siamese   Cat   on   Chair        1920        Louis   VALTAT
(1869 - 1952)     French          oil   on   canvas 

Six   Studies   of   a   Cat         1763 - 1770         Thomas  GAINSBOROUGH 
(1727 - 1788)   English           Rijksmuseum,    Amsterdam

ALL   IMAGES   FROM   "Still   Life,   Quick   Heart"

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