Friday, January 6, 2012

Red Rooms: Pink+Berry Reds

Whether  you  call   it   
"red,"   "raspberry,"   or  "fluorescent pink"
"Berry reds" are a nice alternative to the strong-true reds and the orange-warm reds.  They tend to have a bit more blue undertones than do the warm-orangy reds.  

Pratt  and  Lambert's     "Vintage  Claret"     1013
"This is a real red, a true red that's not trying to be anything else but red. 
I used it in my living room, and it never fails to get a reaction. 
I once had someone look at the color and say, 
'I  wish  I  could  go  through  life  with  these  walls  behind  me.'" 
-Matthew Patrick

Pink + berry  reds  have  been  everywhere  for  the  past  year  or  so... 

Farrow  and  Ball's       "Rectory  Red"       217
"Red   is   one   of   those   colors   that's   inherently   cozy
It just takes you in and envelops you in a way other colors don't. But it's a difficult color to get right. Either it gets very rusty or it becomes too saturated and bright. But  this  has  enough  blue  in  it  so  it  doesn't  go  into  fire - engine  mode.   It's a refined red. It makes you feel special. I know I'll have a scintillating conversation in a red room." 
-Christopher Maya

Some  of  these are  more  pink  than  red,  some  have  a  bit  of  orange,  
and  they've  been popping  up  a  lot  lately.

"I'm completely in love with these paints,  originally  made  for  Le Corbusier  and mixed with pure artist's pigments, so you get these  supersaturated  jewel  tones.   This is the color of garnets, rubies, Japanese maple leaves, that red dress you wear on a first date that really sizzles. I see it in a dining room with red wine, a five-course meal, candlelight, and twinkling glasses." -AMY LAU

 Berry   Reds   are   a   natural   progression
from   the   pinks   that   were   so   hot   a couple   of   years   ago.

Marjorie Skouras  (above and below)  has  taken  these  pink+berry  tones
to  their  limits  in  the  past  year!

Farrow  and  Ball's      "Incarnadine"      248
“Red, for sure.  Men, women, everybody looks happy and healthy in red.  Your skin glows.  Historically, there’s Chinese Red, Pompeian Red, American-flag-red.  So many cultures have embraced it, and they can’t all be wrong.  I’ve  never  done  a  home  without  a touch  of  red.    It  sparks  up  a  room  and  gives  it  life.”  
- Allessandra Branca, describing color that makes you look younger.

Diamond Baratta Design, above, has been using these pinky-reds for awhile,
as has Miles Redd.

Stark   Paints'      "ELIZABETHAN   RED"  
"With me, there's no holding back. Red means you're hot, you're fiery, you're strong. If you're wearing red, you attract attention, and a red room draws people in like a magnet.   This  red  is  chic  and  sophisticated,  with  a  bohemian  edge.   It reminds me of the casbah Marrakech and the honeymoon suite at the Danieli in Venice. Red can take you anywhere you want to go." 
-Kathryn  M.  Ireland
This red falls just slightly into the pink-red may also fit into the true-red category. It also happens to contain zero voc, eco friendly, and water-based.

Benjamin  Moore's       "ROSY  APPLE"        2006-30

Other   recommended  Pink - Berry  Red  paint  colors:
Sherwin  Williams'    "Cherries  Jubilee"    SW6862
Benjamin  Moore's      "Poppy"     1315
Dulux  Paints'    00YR 15 510
Pantone's  "American Beauty"  19-1759

PHOTOS:  1., 4., 10. by Miles Redd,    2. via Country Living,    3. Musée Nissim de Camondo, Paris, via species barocus tumblr,    5., 6. by Marjorie Skouras,    7., 9. by Diamond Baratta Design,   8. by Martha Agnus,  11. via World of Interiors,     all "paint samples" and quotes via House Beautiful Magazine