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GREENS: clover + kelly + emerald !

Move     over,     mint  - -   you're     not     the     only     green     in     town !
In  addition  to  the  "mint - craze,"  cooler  greens  are  also  bold  and  saturated.    Kelly,  emerald  and  clover  greens  keep  popping  up !   From  slightly  muted  tones  to  full - on  pure,  bold  colors,  greens  are  here  to  stay!

“  Green    is    my    favorite    color.    This  is  a  color  you  might  see  in  a  vintage  English  chintz  or  a  summer  garden.    How  to  describe  it ?    Maybe  fresh  green  peas ?     Yes –  that’s   it.    It    works    just    as    well    in    Palm    Beach    with    hot    pink    as    in    New    York    with    black    and    white.  " 
-  D D  Allen   on   DKC - 23
Donald     Kaufman     Color            DKC - 23
“  In   my   architectural   studio,   I’ve   got   white   walls   and
white   floors    and   one   green   free - standing   wall.
It’s        a        green        unlike        any        I’ve        ever        seen
–   not  olive,  not  lime,  not  forest.    It’s  deeper  than  apple,  more  like  tea  ice  cream.       Everyone   comments    on    it.        It     defines     the     space.  ”   John  Keenen    on    DKC - 23

C 2   Paints'           "PRIMAVERA"            C 2 - 164
" We pieced this room together from old metal columns and salvaged library cabinets and needed something to unify it, so we painted it this   glorious   spring   green.   Ceiling, walls, and trim — so you'd have the sense of being enveloped.  It makes it more modern and allows the collections, like that bust, to come to the foreground.  The traditional architecture is still there, but the color takes the seriousness away. "   -  Ken  Fulk

Farrow    and    Ball's         "FOLLY     GREEN"             76
 “  Imagine going down a leafy path and opening the door to a lovely green foyer.  This is not the usual dark bottle green, it’s paler and softer,
a    really    good    goes-anywhere    green    that    feels    very    peaceful.  
-  Jennifer   Garrigues   

Benjamin   Moore's           "BABY     FERN"            2029 - 20

Benjamin   Moore’s           "AMAZON     MOSS            2037 - 10
“ This   is   the   color   of   the   felt   on   the   billiards   table   in   a   Merchant   Ivory   film,   or  that  certain  kind  of   green  silk  lampshade  you  see  in  Irish  houses –  all  intense  and  glowy.     There’s   something   modern   and   old - fashioned   about   it   at   the   same   time.    A  garden  room  lacquered  in  this  with  black-and-white  marble  floors  would  be  divine.   I’ve  painted  all  of  the  cabinets  in  a  kitchen  this color.      It’s    like    being    submerged    into    the    center    of    a    40 - carat    emerald. ”
-  Miles   Redd  

Benjamin   Moore’s          "SHERWOOD     GREEN"           HC - 118
“ Don’t   cringe!      We    call     one    of    our    most    beloved    paint    colors     ‘pond   scum   green.’   The  name  may  conjure  up  creatures  of  the  black  lagoon,  but  it’s  actually    a    warm     and    velvety     green     that     has     proven     to     be     a     gloriously     peaceful     color    on  living  room,  dining  room,  or  library  walls.   It’s  also  an  easy,  accepting  background  for  art. ”
-  Mimi   McMakin  

Pratt    and    Lambert's           "DEEP     JUNGLE"            21 - 17
I’ve     always    used    what    I    call    gardenia - leaf    green.
Put  it  on  the  walls  and  then  bounce  two  other  colors  off  it,  like  sky  blue  and  coral  pink.    Fresh  greens – never  moss  or  sage – end  up  in  virtually  every  room  I  put  together,  even  if  it’s  just  a  green  pillow  or  a  leaf  in  a  glass  jar. ”     - Tom   Scheerer

Pratt   and   Lambert's         "CLOVER"          22 - 20
“ This     shade     of     green     is     one     of     my     favorites     because
it        reminds        me        of        patinated        copper.    
It  works  in  any  style  room  –  contemporary,  ethnic,  traditional.    It’s  the  perfect  accent  color.    I  like  to  use  it  on  shutters,  moldings,  and  window  casings  because  it  outlines  the  space  and  makes  it  more  linear  and  graphic. ”  (sample  paint  color  not  shown)      -  Kelly  Wearstler

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