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mint is the new green

After   years   of     sage    greens,    warm    greens   and   brown - to - gray   greens,
it's     time     to     update     with     some     clear,     cool     mint - greens 

Benjamin   Moore's        "DOGUE GRAY"        DC - 06
In the above photo, designer Daryl Carter showcases his "New Traditional" line of paint colors for Benjamin Moore with "Dogue Gray," DC-06.  And, while this appears a bit more of a palest-mint green to me than a gray, it certainly makes for a fresh, clean neutral backdrop in the space.

Pratt  and  Lambert's     "ATLANTIS "      22-1

This    isn't   a   grass - green .  .  . nor     is     it    a   gray.  .  . it's     an   icy  -  green  !

Designer   Fawn   Galli   used    a   custom   paint   color   in   the   above   space.

What       goes       well       with       pale,       mint       green ?
White  is  always  a  good  place  to  start,  be  it  trim,  furnishings  or  accessories.

Fine   Paints   of   Europe's     " VREELAND   MINT "     W3048S-M
B l a c k    works   well   too,   as   do   other,   similar  dark  tones   which   can   have  a  grounding  effect  on the color.    Touches  of  jewel  tones,  like  the  pink - reds  above  complement  but  do  not  overpower  the  green.

Porter  Paints'      "PARSLEY  TINT      6998-1
“This pale aqua green is like the ocean when it’s so clear you can see the sand through the water.  It reminds me of holidays and sunshine and how calm you feel when you sit on the shore and watch the waves breaking.”  -Jennifer Garrigues

1901 kitchen remodel by Garrison Hullinger, above 
( paint  color  unknown ).

Dunn  Edwards'      "SOFT   MINT"      DE5686

G o l d     looks    wonderful    paired    with    pale    green !
 (above  paint  color  unknown)

Try   Sherwin  Williams'       "LIGHTER   MINT"      SW6742   (above left)
or  "MINT  CONDITION"      SW6743  (above right) 
(. . . n o t  "Ladurée  Green" - don't get me started !!)

It seems like everything Miles Redd touches turns to gold!  
He was using pales-mint green a couple of years ago (he uses every green under the sun!).  Redd adds very little to the pale green above -  in terms of color or darker elements, except the console beneath the mirror -  rather, he uses  a  tone - on - tone  scheme.   The green is a soft, serene backdrop for the porcelain collection on the is repeated in the window treatment and seat fabric.
(above  paint  color unknown)

Think   Benjamin   Moore's    "PALEST   PISTACHIO"    2122-60   (above, left)
or   "ICING  ON  THE  CAKE"    2049-70   (above right)
of  course,  these  run  towards  the  bluer  side  of  mint.

Ralph Lauren Paint's     "ORGANZA"       ML17

Last but not least, MINT can be a wonderful neutral and a very soothing color!

Original illustration by Lillian Hoban
I don't know if I could have loved Russel Hoban's "Frances" books any more than I did as a little girl.  And, as much as I enjoyed the stories, I adored the drawings of this little badger, Frances, her baby sister, and her friend Albert.  They were mostly black and white, but the illustrator had a love of mint green....if there was any coloring at all, it would be mint green, and sometimes a bit of pale pink.  The books have long since been updated, color-wise, but do these ever bring back some happy childhood memories! 

For  Lacy;  early  visionnaire  of  mint - green!

PHOTOS:  1. benjamin moore, 2. fawn galli, 3. todd klein, 4. jennifer garigues, 5. garrison hullinger, 6., 8. house beautiful magazine, 7. miles redd, 9. "best friends for frances" by russel hoban

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