Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Black Rooms + Black Paint Colors

Black  rooms   and   black  paint  colors   continue  to  rise  in  popularity  these  days.   If   you're   planning  a  black  space,  you  might  first ask  yourself: 
Do  you  really  want  black-black  or  a  softer,  charcoal  gray ?
And,  once  you  have  your  black  room,  which  colors  will  best  enhance  it ?

In   my   original   post   on   " Black   Rooms,"
recommended     black     paint     colors     included:
"Knight's   Armor"    by    Olympic  Interior  Latex,
"Deep   Space "    2125-20    and    "Black"    2132-10    by   Benjamin  Moore  Paints,    and     "Off   Black"    57    by   Farrow  and  Ball  Paints.

Traditional  Home  Magazine   recommends     Behr   Paints'    "Evening  Hush
" with   creamy   trim "   for   a   living   room   or   small,   light   hallway. "
TH   also  recommends     Farrow  and  Ball's     "Railings"   31,  noting  that  it  works   well   with   quiet   neutrals "   and   pairs   well   with   silver,   with  deep,   rich   browns   and   with   warm   grays. "    Finally,  TH   cautions :  
"Overuse,    and    you    may    get    a    sinister    look."

Also   mentioned   in   the  Black  Rooms,"  post :   carefully    consider
 where   and   how   you'll   incorporate   white   in   your   black   space.   
Unless you want a truly all-black space, white will help your eye to appreciate the black...it breaks up black's all-consuming nature and visually balances the space.

Lots   of   kitchens   in   black/charcoal   are   popping   up !
The  butler's  pantry  above,  by Miles  Redd,  is  stunning  with  its  glossy  finish, 
bold  lines  and  its  moldings'  dramatic  relief.
(cautionary note: if you go for this level of gloss, be prepared to dust - a lot!)

While I'm not sure I'd want an all-black kitchen, 
I do love  kitchens  with  a  mixture  of  black  +  lighter  cabinets.  
That said, check out the below all-black space...Extraordinary!!

I'd always held onto an article in which a designer specified his "go-to color" as Benjamin Moore's    "Industrial  Maintenance  Coating  Rapid  Dry  Gloss  Enamel"   in   Safety  Black  82,  so I tried it on a custom desk I was working on last year --- this finish + heavy brass hardware and it turned out beautifully!

Martha  Stewart  Colors'     "French   Bulldog   Black"    MS025 
is  a  top-seller.... "because  it  shows  off  other  colors  so  well.     I  see  it  with  khaki  or tan.     Great  with  gray.     Beautiful  with  chartreuse  or  powder  blue."
- Kevin Sharkey

Elizabeth  Bauer  recommends   Farrow  and  Ball's    "Black  Blue   95
This  is  not  lifeless,   like  some  blacks, "    she says.
The  blue  in  it  makes  it  look  warmer.
And,  art  looks  amazing  against  it. "

Ralph  Lauren's    "Bone   Black,"     TH16 *
covers the walls above of Windsor Smith's home.  The photograph is by William Curtis Rolf, via Voila Studio, from a series he took of Deyrolle's taxidermy animals.

Nancy  Boszhardt  recommends   Benjamin  Moore's   "Black  Satin"  2131-10,  and
Dwell  Studio  recommends  Benjamin  Moore's   "Wrought  Iron"   2124-10.

Carleton  Varney   recommends
Benjamin  Moore's     "Ebony  King"     2132-20,  in  high-gloss,
and  Birch  Coffey  likes   Benjamin  Moore's    "Carbon  Copy"    2117-10.

Does   "dark  charcoal  gray"   count   as   a   black?  

Absolutely!    Many  "blacks"  used   today   are  technically  charcoals.

Emmet  Fiore  recommends   Fine  Paints  of  Europe's   "Silhouette  Gray"   4223D.    Farrow  and  Ball's   "Down  Pipe"    26   is also popular.

Benjamin   Moore's     "Deep   River"      1582 
is  a  charcoal  gray  recommended  by  Mark  Epstein.
"The  fantastic,  moody,  earthy  stone-like  walls  would  convey  a  sense  of  drama.    Soften  it  with  amber  and  Chinese  red.   
Apple  green  would  also  be  great  against  it,  or  powder  blue."

Jamie Drake recommends 
Benjamin  Moore's    "Witching  Hour"    2120-30 
which he calls "a fantastic deep gray flannel."  He suggests using it in a high gloss finish and pairing it with "crisp, white moldings and white furnishings, with accents of powder pink, pale blue and lavender or mint green."

Patrick Sutton recommends  Benjamin  Moore's   "Iron  Mountain"   2134-30   as   " an   almost   black,   charcoal   gray   that   has   enough   brown   in   it   to   keep   it   warm.     Try   it   in   a   semigloss   which   adds   depth   and   reflectivity. "

(This    is    the   best   black   around !)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Rooms that feel like Fall

The  Fall  palette  of  colors  is  as  rich  and  dramatic 

as  it  is  warm  and  cozy !

It  inspires  the  most  exciting  and  most  comfortable  spaces.

If  you're  looking  for  a  new and exciting  way

to  update   your   home  before  the  holidays,

consider  these  beautiful  spaces

whose  palettes  inspire!  

If  you're  looking  specifically  for  paint  colors,

check  my  recent  post,  "Fall  Palette."


We  could  all  use  a  little  Fall  in  our  midst !

PHOTOS: 1. fromental wallpaper, photo source unknown, 2. photo by rolland bello, via apartment therapy, 3. via notetosarah, 4. by melissa rufty, 5. via house beautiful magazine,  6. source unknown, 7.  by todd romano, 8. by amelia handegan, 9. by charlotte moss, 10. source unknown

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Palette

Wondering how to punch up your home for the holidays?  Paint is the quickest and least expensive way to make a BIG impact!  Now look outside: Fall colors are difficult to beat in terms of drama, warmth, and sheer beauty.  
Give one of these gorgeous colors a try!
paint color above unknown
below   LEFT:    Benjamin  Moore   "MOROCCAN  RED"   1309
RIGHT:    Donald  Kaufman  Colors     DKC-17

"MOROCCAN  RED" - "Dining rooms are traditionally red, and this is the red of the riding jackets in British hunting prints, the red of the proverbial redcoats — the military men everyone went gaga for in Jane Austen's books. In addition to making Kitty Bennet swoon, red conveys a sense of royalty."  - Alexa  Hampton

above    Miles  Redd  via  Elle  Decor;  paint  color  unknown
below     LEFT:    Farrow  and  Ball    "ORANGERY   70
RIGHT:   Ralph  Lauren  Paint   "CALIFORNIA  POPPY"    GH170 

paint color below  Farrow and  Ball  "ORANGERY"  via House Beautiful
"CALIFORNIA POPPY" - "I saw Andrew Lloyd Webber's music room, and now I want to paint everything this color. It's a true tangerine orange, and they must have put a squirt of burnt umber in the glaze, because it's like a nicotine stain. It looks old and rich and warm. The room glows. It's like having a fabulous pashmina scarf wrapped around you. Of course, it helps that there's a fireplace, two grand pianos, Aubusson rugs, velvet sofas, and French doors out to the garden."  -Myra Hoefer

above    LEFT:     C2    "PAINT  EXPEDITION"   162     and  
RIGHT:   Benjamin Moore   "GREAT  BARRINGTON  GREEN"   HC-122

"PAINT  EXPEDITION" -  "This is an intense olive brown with under-notes of chartreuse. It reminds me of a beau­tiful piece of smoky quartz crystal I have on my desk. I think  it  would  look  amazing  in  an  entry  foyer  or  a  powder  room,  in matte on the walls and high gloss on the ceiling. For pop, bring in some vibrant emerald or teal blue and a little crisp white."  -FRANK  ROOP

paint colors above unknown; top Mario Buatta, bottom via House to Home
below    LEFT:   Farrow  and  Ball    "MINSTER   GREEN    224    and  
RT: Martin Senour  "MARKET  SQUARE  TAVERN  DARK  GREEN" cw401

"Market Square Tavern Dark Green" - "This is a beautiful deep inky green. Use it in a high-gloss, oil-based paint — first prep the walls so they're absolutely smooth — and  it  will  make  the  most  dismal  room  feel  warm  and  rich.   I call it the poor man's paneling. Great in a library, or an entrance hall where it would make the living room beyond seem bigger, lighter, brighter." - JOHN SALADINO

paint color  above  "PUMPKIN,"  Courtney Coleman  via  House Beautiful
below    LEFT:     Sherwin  Williams    "EMOTIONAL"     SW6621 
RIGHT:     California  Paints    "PUMPKIN"   16
"PUMPKIN" - "A red dining room is perfectly acceptable, so why not a deep persimmon sitting room? The color is so warm and cozy that it makes you feel as if there's a fire in the fireplace, even when there is none. It reminds me of those Regency period interiors, with all those vivid colors inspired by the excavations at Pompeii. They say people who choose orange are very self-confident and extroverted. For this library, we borrowed the unusual finish from the parlor of the Thomas Everard House in Colonial Williamsburg, where varnish is applied over your base paint." 

 paint  color  above  unknown,   design  by  Gil  Schafer

"AUDUBON  RUSSET"-   "You can't let orange scare you.   I rely on it to punch up a dreary corner. Paint this warm, bricky orange on the inside of a bookcase and it will add unexpected depth to a small space or make a big room seem more intimate. One of the most fascinating rooms I've ever seen had ivory walls and a ceiling painted this color. Very cozy."

above  LEFT:   Benjamin  Moore    "AUDUBON RUSSET"    HC-51  
and  RIGHT:    Benjamin  Moore    "CORLSBUD   CANYON"    076

"CORLSBUD   CANYON"  -  "If you're trying to pick a ready-made color from a paint deck, I find the darker, more subdued shades work best.   This color has great impact without looking like that garish NFL orange.   I'd use it with ivory,  black,  and  brown for a  sophisticated classical  look,  or  with  cobalt blue,  navy,  and  white  if  you  want  to  go  bolder,  younger." 

above  via  Elle  Decor,  paint  color  unknown

all "paint samples" and designer quotes via House Beautiful
Favorites   from   Pratt  and  Lambert   Paints :
"ACORN" 9-15,    "BITTERSWEET"  6-20,   and   "ORANGE BERRY"   8-15