Friday, May 27, 2011

Stars and Stripes Forever

On the occasion of Memorial Day, I thought it fitting to examine "Old Glory," our beautiful American Flag.  Numerous artists have reinterpreted our flag's image.

Abstract Expressionist artist JASPER JOHNS (born 1930) 
is perhaps best known for his American Flag paintings

CHILDE HASSAM (1859–1935) was an American Impressionist painter.  
He is well-known for his flag paintings, completed during World War I. 
Hassam's flag paintings include all seasons and various weather and light conditions 
(similar to Claude Monet's paintings of the Cathedral at Rouen and of haystacks). 
"The Avenue in the Rain" has been part of the White House's 
permanent collection since the Kennedy Administration.

paint on wood with iron and brass
Patriotic swinging gate, from Jefferson County, New York

original painting, acrylic on paper

enamel on assembled furniture and wood scraps 
Microsoft's art collection includes a similar piece by Ab.

made of paper stamps and envelopes
Nevada Museum of Art

"In order to create Memorial Flag (Toy Soldiers), Cole obtained the exact specifications from the Government Printing Office.  For him, the work is not a representation or interpretation of a flag.  It is an actual flag.  Measuring the size of a casket, the piece reveals its source of texture 18,000 plastic men wielding guns beneath an impermeable glaze of red, white and blue." - Danforth Museum of Art, Framingham, MA

"Miller  Family  American  Flag" by Robert  A.  Miller (1912-2006)
self-taught American Folk Artist, enamel paint on tin

For those of you who, like me, learned these facts 
in grammar school and need a short refresher course:

Our    National    Flag    of 
the  United  States  of  America 
is made of  
T H I R T E E N    horizontal    S T R I P E S 
of  alternating  r e d   and   w h i t e .  

They indicate  t h e   o r i g i n a l    
T H I R T E E N      C O L O N I E S   
who rebelled against the British Monarchy 
and became the first thirteen states.  

A blue,   rectangular    C A N T O N , 
symbolizing the country's  U N I O N  bears 
F I F T Y    w h i t e ,   five-pointed   S T A R S  
which represent   the    f i f t y     s t a t e s .  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

etsy for weddings

It's the time of year for brides and weddings, and etsy is prepared!

I really love this artists of (above) "Paloma's Nest," 
for all of the little white porcelain pieces they do!

If you're looking for a gift, how about 
personalized original art for the bride and groom?!

Custom House Painting Watercolor 11"  x  14"  275.00  by artworm

Who wouldn't love a watercolor of their first home together?

"Advice" Coasters:  fun for guests at a reception, 
shower or engagement party and fun for the couple to keep!

How about a custom genealogical chart?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

"I need a great blue paint color (Not navy!)"

Navy is super chic right now!  So are highly-saturated cobalt and royal blues (little white involved here!)  And YOU're ready to commit to some serious blue in your home...just not navy blue!!  Hopefully you'll find a good one here...

Sherwin   Williams'      "SASSY   BLUE   1241
"Blue is my secret agent color.  I'm always sneaking it in these days.  I guess it's like a bit of sky peeking out, which makes everything work.  Blue is lightness and air. 
I used to use white to lighten things up, but now I'm using blue. 
It gives breath to everything."   -  William   Diamond

Veranda, April 2011:   David  Kleinberg   (above: paint color unknown)

Elle Decor, March/April 2011:   Steven  Gambrel  using
Benjamin Moore's     "ADAGIO"     1593    (above)

Architectural Digest, April 2011:    Jeffrey   Bilhuber   uses a pale French blue 
in an nyc apartment's sky-lit atrium   (above:   paint color unknown).

Although lighter than the navy and cobalt blues I featured in my post, "best  of  the  bold  blue  paint  colors,"  these  blues  are  cleaner  and  more  intense  than recent years' light blues.   Blue  on  moldings  and  mill  work  is an exciting development!  

 Valspar's      "SEA    KISS"      5005 - 9C
"We've all been cocooning, but we're sensing a change.  So now what?  This blue feels like a new stage of life, inspired by all those water colors that sustain, refresh, rejuvenate.  It's so airy it can almost make walls disappear. 
It dances with the light."   —  Sue  Kim
Elle Decor, 2011:  Home  of  Robert  Couturier 
(above: Donald  Kaufman  Colors  DKC-29)  Couturier augmented his blue walls 
with a stimulating combination of red, black and white!
Olympic Paints'     "AQUA   CHIFFON"     A58 - 3
 "I think everyone is looking for a little change, but nothing drastic. Aqua Chiffon is  playful  and  happy,  not  too  dark  and  not  too  light.   I'd use it as an accent to bring some freshness to a bathroom or a bedroom. And since blue is relaxing, it would bring peace of mind."   — Tina  McHenry 

Above (via flickr) and below (House Beautiful) photos 
BOTH   in    Farrow   and   Ball's    "POWDER    ROOM    BLUE"

"This is an intense 18th-century blue-green with a great history. They used to make it by pouring acids on copper and using the verdigris as the pigment for the paint. A living room would be killer with this on the walls, dead-white trim, and mahogany or black-painted furniture. I'm fair-haired and blue-eyed, and we go for these incredibly sharp colors." -Ralph Harvard

This blue interior by Eileen Kathryn Boyd  (above: paint color unknown)
exhibits a gorgeous mix of pink, salmon, greens, white (+ mixed surface finishes).

Parker Paint's   "WATERSIDE"   7573M 
"This bright, pretty turquoise reminds me of summers on Lake Michigan when I was a child, skipping stones and looking up at the sky, and feeling the sun on my body. Blue calms me and reenergizes me — just as the ocean does." ("Waterside:" is the paint color in photo below; woodwork is painted Benjamin Moore's "Ivory White" 925.  If you do not have access to Parker Paint in your area, many paint stores are able to reproduce other manufacturers' colors.) -Markham Roberts

Benjamin Moore's    "AQUARIUS"    788 
"I've never met a blue I didn't like. Everything from the darkest to the lightest — and this is in the middle — with a hint of aquamarine. A blue living room would be glamorous, especially with bottle-green silk velvet upholstery and a touch of silver or gold on a chair, or tiebacks for a curtain. And the walls should be slick, which gives a room a sparkle. It can never be too glossy for me." -John Yunis

interior via Elle Decor 2011 (above: paint color unknown)
Isn't this space fantastic with the white floors and moldings, the glossy black leather chair, mixed-finish wood furniture, and especially the artwork which sets it all off!


Benjamin Moore's   "SCHOONER"   AF-520 (above)  Benjamin Moore recommends pairing "Schooner" with "Meadow View" 383 and "Delaware Putty" 240.

Paint "samples" and designer quotes from House Beautiful Magazine.
"Blue Room" photo via flickr

mint is the new green!

best  of  the  bold  blue  paint  colors!

10 Ways to Decorate Your Bold Blue Room

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