Thursday, April 28, 2011

best of the bold blue paint colors!

S O   Y O U ' R E   L O O K I N G   f o r   a  BLUE   PAINT   COLOR ? ?
For you Family Room? ....your Kitchen? ...your Dining Room or Bedroom?  

Benjamin Moore  PADDINGTON BLUE  791  (above)
"This is a peacock blue, a very happy, exuberant blue that would set off all the objects in a room. I'd use it in a high-gloss finish with lots of white moldings, and maybe pull in marigold or puce. Blue is one of the best colors around for crispness and contrast.  After all, what looks better than a naval officer in his dress blues?" -Robin Bell
Benjamin Moore  "PADDINGTON BLUE"   791

Whatever the space you are in for a treat...because
B L U E S    a r e    H U G E    t h i s    y e a r ! ! !   
 Benjamin Moore   "BERMUDA BLUE"    2061-30
Lots of white + wood accessories and floor balance out this blue!

Benjamin Moore   "PATRIOT BLUE"    2064-20
"I don't like baby blue or sky blue — I like dark, strong cobalt blue. It reminds me of Europe, in the sense of luxuriousness and the privacy it creates in a room.  I'd use it in a study or a library, and then snap it up with furniture from the '40s or '50s and a faux-zebra rug." -Roger de Cabrol

Mary McDonald Dining Room (above) 
and Bedroom (below) both in
Sherwin Williams    "FRANK BLUE"    SW6967

B L U E S  are  getting  c l e a n e r   a n d   b r i g h t e r , 
e.g.  B L U E B E R R Y ... R O Y A L   B L U E !
(whereas the past few years have seen warmer, Peacock Blues.)

C2    "ELECTRIC BLUE"    275
"Forget all those pale shades. What you want is an evening blue, an Yves Klein blue. Deeper than deep. You see it on Byzantine ceilings, in Jean Paul Gaultier's stripes. It's contemplative, meditative, mysterious. When I want to be enveloped, blue is the only color that will do it for me." -Whitney Stewart

Textiles (above) by Fiona Douglas of Bluebellgray, paint color unknown.
How gorgeous are these fuchsia, gold and green accents with blue?!   
The wooden bureau's warmth brings an earthy charm to the group.

Benjamin Moore   "BLUEBERRY"   2063-30
White and gold accents balance out and bring the blue to vibrant life!
Isn't the painting is the jewel of the space?!

Farrow and Ball    "DRAWING  ROOM  BLUE"     253
(paint color in both above -via House to Home- and below photos)
Notice how the door and casing disappear within the color and beneath the artwork.  Brilliant, gold fabric makes a focal point of the settee!

FINE PAINTS OF EUROPE   "Delft Blue"   4003  (in photo above) 
"I used this deep Mediterranean blue all over this room — on the walls, on the moldings, on the cabinets, even on the floor, with a carpet in the same tone. By using it so completely, it makes the different planes all blend into each other. The color unifies the space and blows out the boundaries. You're swept away by the blue and have no sense of the size of the room." -John Barman
Fine Paints of Europe  DELFT BLUE  4003

Don't be afraid to go D A R K E R!   B L U E S  are  getting  d a r k e r   
and  c o o l e r , e.g. lots of   N  A  V  Y   and   I  N  D  I  G  O  blues.
Benjamin Moore    "MIDNIGHT NAVY"    2067-10
 Family Room (above) in Benjamin Moore  MIDNIGHT NAVY  2067-10 

Bedroom above (via flickrpaint color is 
Benjamin Moore   "OLD NAVY"   2063-10

There are T O N S  of  F A N T A S T I C   
B  L U E    P A I N T   C O L O R S  to choose from!!!

Let me know which one you choose!! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Color Combos: Blue + Green

What's UP with all of the BLUE + GREEN combinations now?!
They're everywhere!  

I'd heard that 80's "jewel tones" were on their way back in...FUN!



These combinations are classic, preppy, and new all at the same time.  You can't go wrong because they are everywhere and at every degree of saturation and hue.  
Just go for the ones that look great on (around!) YOU! :)

Who said it was all about pink and orange anyway!?

PHOTOS (clockwise from top/left)
GROUP 1:   1. Todd Romano in House Beautiful, 2. home interior design, 
3. Jamie Drake, 4. Hamish Bowles in Thomas Pink, 5. gingerella
GROUP 2:  1. Louis Vuitton tote, s/s 2011, 2. green-blue armoires, tiktock2u
3. Jonathan Adler British Flag pillow, 4. Jonathan Adler, 5. Jack Rogers sandals, 6.  Harper's Bazaar UK  
GROUP 3:   1. Vogue, 2. Hermès scarf, 3.  Bulgari Aqua, 4. NARS eyeshadow, 
GROUP 4:  1. DVF 2011 bag, 2. Florence Lopez, interior, 3. Prada shoes 2011, 4. unknown, 5. Target
GROUP 5:   1. and 2. Tory Burch top and flat, 3. Prada bag, 4. Karin Åkesson
5. interior, maison boheme, 6. Pierre Hardy boot, 7. unknown
Mark Rothko, "Green, Blue, Green on Blue," 1968