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Red Rooms: True Reds

Mary  McDonald's crisp, chic space in the 2011 Kips  Bay  Showhouse,  above (paint color unknown).

Fine   Paints   of   Europe's       "RED"        7195
"I think red is a sexy color for brunettes. We can handle strong colors that would eat up a blonde.   This  is  more  of  a  blue  red  than  a  tomatoey  country  red.  It's sultry and sophisticated, guaranteed to bring out the Dita von Teese in anyone." 

 In  a  recent  New York Times  article,  Leatrice  Eiseman,  executive  director  of  the  Pantone  Color  Institute,  discusses  selecting  a  red  paint  color  for  your  home.     "She  suggests   choosing   a   true   red,  which  has  'both  the  brights  and  the  darks  in  it.'”

This  article  continues  with  suggestions  by  designer  Thomas  O'Brien  who
"recommends  finding  inspiration  in  items  you  already  own.     'When   you’re   looking   for   a   red,   look   at   what   you   have   around   the   house   that   you   already   like,   specifically  old  textiles,”   he  said.   “If,  for  instance,  you’ve  fallen  in  love  with  a  red  velvet  chair  that’s  been  in  the  family  for  years,  make  that  your  inspiration  for  the  color  on  the  walls.'”

O'Brien   suggests   other   options   for   using   red:
"Keep  in  mind  that  you  can  create  a  red  room  without  painting  the  walls  red.   'If  you   fall   in   love   with   a   red   fabric,   you   might   decide   to   make   the   walls   neutral,'    Mr.  O’Brien  said,    'and   get   the   red   in   your   sofa   instead.'”
   "If  you  aren’t  ready  for  red  walls  or  upholstery,   'start  with  a  little  red-painted  table  or  even  a  lampshade,'   he  said.   'Just  remember,'   he  added,   'you  can  easily  create  a  red  ‘moment’  without  committing  all  four  walls.'”

This  gorgeous  lacquered - red  library  is exciting and full of energy, but not overwhelmed by the wall color thanks to Libby Wilkie's use of neutrals, tans, plus metallics and various wood finishes, plus the white ceiling and lampshades.
Above paint color unknown.

Benjamin Moore's        "Red"        2000-10

"All     my     life     I've     pursued     the     perfect     red.   
I   can   never   get   painters   to   mix   it   for   me.
It's  exactly  as  if  I'd said  'I  want  Rococo  with  a  spot  of  Gothic  in  it  and  a  bit  of  Buddhist  temple'   —   they   have  no  idea  what  I'm  talking  about."    
- Diana  Vreeland

Above  paint  color:  Benjamin Moore's   "Poppy"   1315

Miles  Redd, above in Elle Decor,  uses  red  regularly!  (paint color unknown)

Sherwin  Williams'       "STOP"       SW 6869
"All of us brunettes, whether Asian, African-American, or that brown-eyed girl Van Morrison sang about, have one thing to be grateful for. When was the last time you heard of a dumb brunette? There's not a color we can't use, and we'll always be better with more of it. Take this geisha-mouth, cayenne pepper red -- something a hummingbird swoons toward. It just howls to be painted on a floor somewhere. Your own red carpet." -MALLORY MARSHALL 

Red + black is a much-used color combination of late.

Fine Paints of Europe's    "Dutchlac Brilliant Tulip Red    W1001B-M
“I prefer the warm, vibrant reds to the historic reds, which are beautiful but sedate. 
This  is  a  daring  red,  a  real  fire  engine  red.   I’ve used it in a poolhouse bathroom and on bookcases. It has a playfulness that reminds me of a little red schoolhouse.” –Ruthie Sommers

Ralph  Lauren's      "Dressage  Red"      TH225
“When  I  look  for  red, I  want  a  pure,  true  red,
like   the   color   in   the   American   flag.
Ralph  Lauren  does  absolutely  the  best.
It’s    the    essence    of    red,     that    American    classic    red.
It makes me think of boating or polo.  –Suzanne Kasler

Ralph  Lauren  Kitchen   "Dressage  Red"   TH225  on  above  cabinets.

Other recommended true red/bright red paint colors:
Sherwin  Williams'    "Cherry  Tomato"   SW6864
Sherwin  Williams'    "Real  Red"   SW6868
Pratt  and  Lambert's   "Red  Banner"   4-11
Valspar's   "Bright  Red"   1010-2
Benjamin  Moore's   "Caliente"   AF-290
Benjamin  Moore's   "Ladybug  Red"   1322

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