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Great Paint Colors for Your Bedroom!

Everyone wants something special in terms of color in their bedroom.  
Be it a neutral, a light or a dark, warm or cool color, it's important!

(above paint color unknown)
Benjamin Moore   "BLANCHED  CORAL"    886
"It's a pale, pale, pale, almost fleshy pink, but on the pink side rather than the beige side.  Why do I like it?  Because of the way it reflects on your skin.   It's  feminine  and  soft.   It's  almost  like  you've  got  a  little  glow  in  your  cheeks.   That's what you want in the morning when you wake up and have no makeup on.  
-Charlotte Moss

(above paint color unknown)
C2 Paints     "BELLA DONNA"     316
"I just painted my bedroom this really amazing color called Bella Donna.  It's a smoky, purply mauve, the  color  of  the  sky at  sunset.    It's a  soothing,  relaxing,  moody  color that looks beautiful with raspberry curtains, mauve bedding, and gray flannel carpet." 
-DD Allen

 (above paint color unknown)
Farrow and Ball   "BORROWED LIGHT"    235
"The name says it all.   It's the palest blue that they make, and it just shimmers.  When you walk into a room with white woodwork and this pale blue, you think you're in heaven.  My painter went home and told his wife about it, so you know you've got a winner."
-T. Keller Donovan

(above paint color unknown)
Benjamin Moore   "WHITE SATIN"   2067-70
"It's an ahhhhh color, a pale ethereal blue with a touch of periwinkle.  Completely uplifting -- like floating on a cloud surrounded by fluffy down pillows.  
As  soon  as  you  walk  in,  you   feel  the  weight  of  the  world  
is  lifted  from  your  shoulders."
-Jamie Drake

(above paint color: Benjamin Moore "HANCOCK GREEN")
Benjamin Moore  "SWEET  DREAMS"  847
"Sweet Dreams is like a hug.  I know that sounds sappy but this is the perfect nice, comfortable blue, with just enough gray and just enough robin's egg, and just enough teal.  Paint any room with this and it becomes the happiest room in your house -- but not in a clownish, perky way.  My kind of happy means serenity and atmosphere."
-David Mitchell

(above paint color unknown)
Benjamin Moore    "BIRD'S EGG     2051-60
"I've always liked warm and cozy dining rooms and living rooms, but in the bedroom I go towards cool and airy.  That  to   me   seems   restful,   sleep-inducing.    My own bedroom is painted pale blue, with touches of sliver gray and coral."
-Miles Redd

(above paint color: Benjamin Moore "Sag Harbor Gray" HC-95)
Donald  Kaufman   DKC - 37
"What I like about Donald Kaufman paints is that they're indescribable.  They're almost edible colors.  This particular shade has green and blue in it, and brown and gray.  A  February  sea  blue,  that's  what  I'd  call  it.   I always use it in flat, so  it   has   this   rich,   velvety   quality,   like   soft   moonlight."
-Marshall Watson

(above paint color unknown)
Pratt and Lambert    "Avoine de Mer"  (Sea Oat)    17-26
"It's green, somewhere between apple and moss, and it's  like  waking  up  in  spring  every  morning."
-Alessandra Branca

(above paint color unknown)
Benjamin Moore     "CAYMAN  BLUE  2060-50
"I happen to love this color.  I've mixed  it  with  black-and-white  photography  and some pretty serious Empire furniture, and it's really fabulous."
-Brian McCarthy

Farrow  and  Ball    "GREEN  BLUE   84
"It's my two favorite colors mixed together.  Soft,  but  with  a  lot  of  vibrancy.   Greens and blues are known for their  relaxing  effect. "
-Sheila Bridges

(above paint color unknown)
Benjamin Moore    "PALE MOON"     OC - 108

"Nothing is more of a turn-on than Champagne, and this is that same  uplifting  kind  of  inviting  color.    In  the  evening,  it  looks  very  warm  and  rich,  and in the morning, there's a happy mood about it."
-Birch Coffey

(above paint color unknown)
Ralph Lauren Paint  "CRESTED  BUTTE"   NA-40
"It's  the  color  of  stones  under  water  --  
relatively  dark,  but  very  warm  and nuanced.  It's wonderful to have a dark bedroom.  Aren't there a few people who like to use this room for sleeping?"
-Suzanne Rheinstein

(paint color above is Benjamin Moore's "Bold Yellow" 336)
Farrow and Ball    "CITRON"   74
"It reminds me of the sunflowers in France.   It's  bright,  cheerful.    Even  when  it's dark,  it's  always  going  to  be  happy.   I love what they do in France: paint a band about 12 to 24 inches high - from the floor up - like a border around the bottom of the room.  Then do the doors and window frames in that same color."
-Kathryn Ireland

Benjamin Moore    "SUN KISSED YELLOW"    2022-20
"We just did this bedroom in Florida with sunshine yellow walls.  It's so eye-popping and energizing.   It's  beautiful  at  night  when the lights are on and  everything  turns  golden.   And when you wake up, wow!"
-Christopher Coleman

Enjoy! :)

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