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WHITES: Designers' Favorite White Paint Colors

let's  take  a  look  at  the  white  paints  DESIGNERS  prefer!

Farrow  and  Ball      "STRONG WHITE"    2001
"If you have a wall with a bow in it or a floor that has settled, 
this will  make  an  old  room  feel  graceful rather than brand new.  
It has more pigment and therefore more character."
- Peter Pennoyer, architect

Janovic     "SUPER  WHITE"
"After testing every conceivable white and even mixing some ourselves, 
we wound up using this off-the-shelf paint in the galleries.  
It's  bright  and  cleanyet still has a  little  warmth  to it."
-Jerome Neuner, exhibition designer, Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Benjamin   Moore     "SUPER  WHITE"   02
"Everything looks good against a true, clear, eye-chilling, freezing-cold white.  
It's like a snow blizzard, or Ascot, or Huck Finn's white fence, 
or marshmallows, or sugar.  Anything placed against that background 
projects like technicolor."     - Murray Moss, designer

"You  can  see  every  color  in  it -- it's a chameleon that 
changes with natural light.  Anything you put near it is comfortable.  
This white is going to be with me for the rest of my life."
-Mariette Himes Gomez,  interior designer

Benjamin  Moore     "DECORATORS  WHITE"    CC20
"It comes across as  a  white-white,  yet it's soft rather than harsh 
-- and utterly  neutral, which works  well  with  art." 
- Frederieke Taylor,  art dealer

Benjamin  Moore      "CHINA  WHITE"     75
"You don't want a highly reflective wall surface if you're going to be 
hanging a lot of art.  China White is  a  very  subtle  off-white 
with a gray tone that helps the work stand out."
-Richard Gluckman, architect

Pratt  and  Lambert     "SEED PEARL"      27-32
"I put it on every ceiling in my house.  It's  a  clean,  crisp  white 
that has a little bit of warmth in it which gives it more
depth  and  dimension.  I use it on moldings for contrast."  
-Kelly Wearstler, interior designer

Benjamin Moore    "IVORY WHITE"      925
"This color looks great everywhere.  It's a creamy, buttery white 
that my  father  [decorator  Mark  Hampton]  liked  to  use
but I'm even more obsessive about it.  Try an eggshell finish 
on the walls to reflect light, but not look too glossy."
-Alexa Hampton, interior designer

Ralph Lauren    "POCKET  WATCH  WHITE"      WH01B
"When it comes to whites I only use RL Pocket Watch White.  
It's soft  and  warm  but  not  cream,  and  still  undeniably  white.  
It will make a room look gracious and young at the same time."
- Jonathan Adler, interior designer

Benjamin  Moore    "ACADIA  WHITE"      OC-38
"It has a nice green cast to it; 
perfect for a summer house in a leafy setting.  
It acts as a bridge to the outdoors."
- Thomas Jayne, interior designer

Benjamin  Moore     "IVORY  WHITE"       925
"It's tough  to  get  a  crisp  look  without  being  cold.  
That's where Ivory  White  does  the  trick.  
It's also the most flexible white I've come across and works with any color.  
I'll often carry it through from room to room on the trim."  
- Thomas Pheasant, interior designer


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