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More of the Best Green Paint Colors!

There's been such positive response to "The Best Green Paint Colors" that I decided to check into GREEN further than just the brights and neons.  After all, these are fun....but not everyone wants to commit to that level of color intensity.
Let's look into  some  softer,  more  soothing  greens!
Martha   Stewart   Living's        "TIMOTHY    HAY"
(above   paint   color)

C O O L E R    G R E E N S . . .

Benjamin Moore's   "COLONY  GREEN"   694   is a long-time top seller:
"This color is so terrifically pretty and filled with joy — sort of as if you were inside a robin's egg looking out into the light. I'd use it in a bedroom with white lacquered trim, a four-poster bed lacquered white, and crisp white bed linens." 
-  David   Kleinberg

Green   is   a   fantastic   neutral  !
For a long time, Restoration Hardware carried a paint color called "Silver Sage."  I used it on some kitchen cabinets many years ago and I'm thinking they'd still be beautiful today!  These muted, paler greens create a softness that is calming. 

Benjamin  Moore's     "HEAVENLY   BLUE"     709    is also a popular color:
"This is the color of the sky in Old Master paintings, when the varnish has yellowed; it's luminous. Paint just the floor and you'd feel as if you were floating." 
Thomas  Jayne

If you watch Bravo's "Million Dollar Designers" then you're familiar with the above Malibu restaurant by designer Jeffrey Alan Marks.  The mossy green he uses on the ceiling (and lampshades/pillows) is a wonderful foil for the caramel-leather Chesterfield-style banquette!

Benjamin   Moore's      "SAGE  TINT"       458
"It's kind of robin's egg blue, and with mahogany furniture and neutral upholstery, it looks great. I see dining rooms as mostly evening rooms, and this has life to it. It's very soothing."   Mariette  Himes  Gomez 

Designer   Kathryn   Ireland,   also of "Million Dollar"-fame, 
recommends   Farrow  and  Ball's     "FOLLY   GREEN"   76 :

"This is a Spanish Colonial house in the California chaparral, at the foot of a mountain range.  The land is carved by arroyos, covered with mesquite and mustard weed. Everything is dry and dusty.  Any green at all is a triumph over nature.  I found this color under layers of paint on some trim, and used it on the front door.  It evokes the notion of shade, beckoning the visitor inside, hinting at the cool to be found within." 
-   Kathryn   Ireland

W A R M E R   G R E E N S . . .

Benjamin   Moore's      "PALE   VISTA"     2029 - 60:
 "I use spring green as a neutral. It's the color of buds and bulbs popping out of the ground after a long winter — a reassuring color, great in a bedroom. 
The coolness is therapeutic."  -   Jeffrey   Bilhuber

Designer   Stephen   Shubel   used    Sherwin   Williams'       "SPRINGTIME"     SW6708     in   the   cheerful   bedroom   above.  

Benjamin   Moore's     "SHADES   OF   SPRING"     537

"Choose a color for the walls that you see outside. It (SHADES OF SPRING) will give you a sense that the room continues beyond the windows. In the country, it might be this crisp green, the green of stems in the garden and leaves on the trees. Green is a color that makes me feel alive. It elevates your spirit, which is going to make any room feel larger. I see it with browns, creams, terra-cotta, persimmon." 
-  Jay  Jeffers

Green   is   such   a   positive   color !
It   is   said   to   be   the   easiest   color   for   the   human   eye   to   encounter.

From Traditional Home Magazine's July-August 2011 issue, above, is designer David Herchik's Family Room.  Paint color: C2 Paint's  SEEDLING C188

Benjamin  Moore's     "MESQUITE"    501    is  a  warmer,  khaki-green:
"Mesquite is a flattering light moss green without much yellow. I love it because it doesn't shout 'I'm green!' It says, 'I'm a very beautiful color.'" 
-  Jennifer   Garrigues

Designer  Miles  Redd  uses every type of green in his work.  Although he uses emerald, kelly and bold chartreuse green paint colors, he also employs the palest of turquoises and paler spring greens.  In a room inspired by the horse racing scenes in "My Fair Lady," (above) Redd uses a warm, cheerful green as a soft backdrop for the drama of the space.

Farrow  and  Ball's     "GREEN   GROUND"    206
"Research  shows  that  green  is  a  color  that  makes  people  feel  safe,  and that's a key element in creating a calm space.  And there's something refreshing about this light, tender green -- like the innermost part of a tulip leaf.  It's sophisticated, but it also has a lovely simplicity."  - Timothy  Corrigan

Top-selling  softer  greens  at   Benjamin Moore:
PALE VISTA  2029-60,   PALE AVOCADO 2146-40,   FERNWOOD GREEN 2145-40,   SOFT FERN 2144-40,   SAGE TINT 458,   GREEN COVE SPRINGS 421,   MESQUITE  501,  SHADES OF SPRING  537,   COLONY GREEN 694,    SWEPT AWAY 701,   HEAVENLY BLUE  709  and  BALI 702. 

Preferred  lighter  greens  at  Farrow  and  Ball:

Pratt  and  Lambert has had success with:
HAZE GREEN 18-30  and  MAHAKA 19-32

Sherwin  Williams'   popular  medium-to-light green paint colors:
and   SPRINGTIME  SW6708

All "paint samples" and quotes via House Beautiful

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