best green paint colors for 2011

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GREEN  is  BACK  in  a  BIG  WAY  this  year!

There are lots of warmer, yellow-greens and lime-greens as well as blue-greens
(and blue-green combinations!) and clean greens to be found!  Once you choose your green, what colors will go with it?  Current paint colors of interest…



Benjamin   Moore‘s         “DOUGLAS   FIR”         2028 – 20: 

”  This is a Palm Beach green, very strong and vibrant with a shot of yellow in it. It   takes   me   back   to   the   ’60s   and   ’70s,    that   carefree   David   Hicks   and   Lilly   Pulitzer   period.    I think of parties with ice cubes clinking in glasses and lots of laughter.   There’s an optimism to this green. You feel like the world’s going to be all right. Bring  in  pink,   persimmon,  and  lots  of  white,   or  hang  some  interesting  photography  to  give  it  more  depth  and  sophistication.  ”  –  Christopher  Maya


Benjamin   Moores      CEDAR GREEN”      2034 – 40   (above)


Sherwin   Williams        GLEEFUL       SW6709

“I was walking through a client’s living room and said, very softly, ‘Pistachio.’ Instead of calling me crazy, she picked up on it immediately and we chose this  vibrant  green,  lighter  than  pear  but  with  a  certain  pungent  quality.   Once you were enveloped in it, it actually became almost neutral.   It elevated the whole room and made it feel more sophisticated.”     –  MICHAEL   RICHMAN


Pratt and Lambert‘s        “LIGHT   CHARTREUSE”         1603


Benjamin   Moores         “CHIC   LIME”        396 

” I just did this in a double parlor with a lot of white woodwork in Charleston, South Carolina, and I’m so pleased with it. It looks exactly like a green apple. Very fresh and very pretty. Dogs love it because they think they’re out in the garden.   Green  is  one  of  the  easiest  colors  because  everyone  relates  to  it.    I  added  touches  of  geranium  pink,  yellow,  and  blue. ”    – Mario  Buatta


Benjamin   Moores       PEAR    GREEN”        2028 – 40



Pantone‘s           YOUNG   WHEAT         12 – 0521

“This is the perfect luminous spring green — like a lettuce leaf. It’s very difficult to get this color right. I first saw it in the dining room of the Townhouse, Charlotte Moss’s shop, done with a brilliant finish. Trust Charlotte to know it’s available. It’s a happy green that brings a room to life and can go dressy or casual.”   –  John   Yunis


Pantone‘s          “TURQUOISE”         15 – 5519 TPX

“If I had to pick one color, it would be turquoise. It’s not just blue or green, it’s both, which means it’s calming and invigorating at the same time. And it makes you think of escaping to someplace tropical and beautiful.   It’s  got  a  little  spark,  like  sun  shining  on  water.   I  used  it  in  a  powder  room and  people  walked  in  and said,  ‘Wow!’  “   —  LEATRICE  EISEMAN



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