Monday, October 18, 2010

Pink + Orange (the new pink-and-green?)

Some of us remember when pink and green was king.

And I mean the monogrammed sweaters,

and the purses with the wooden handles, the buttons,

 FLOR tiles via sprucedecor

and the reversible, monogrammed covers!


So, as "PREPPY" is slated to make a comeback,

IS pink and orange

becoming the new pink-and-green??

Hot-pink-and-orange isn't new;

it's been around for several years.

Fuschia-pink + Hermès-orange have become

Felted Wool Pin by MadeInLowell,

 a popular wedding and reception color combo.

The combination first began appearing

Marc Jacobs, Spring 2011 and Blumarine, Spring 2010

in clothing and on runways around 2007.

Since then, it has shown up

in every corner of the design industry.

Hulai Batik by China Seas through Quadrille

And although grays, camels and animal prints

Eddie Ross for Elle Decor, 2010

seem to dominate clothing this year,

pink and orange pairings


are here to stay!

Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm crazy about etsy!

 - especially for holiday decorations!

Esty's loaded with creativity and imagination,

and endless handmade goodies!

 Check out these fun purchases;

  and great for enjoying Fall

and Halloween decorating.

Whether you're looking for

there is literally

Bat Pillow by OutOnALimbDesign, 35.00

something for everyone!

- including one fantastic

collection of Halloween pillows!

Look at the color variations in this glass pumpkin...

I'd like to hang a few of them
in the window.

And this hand-stitched skull garland
will be fun anywhere!

Try these wine labels
for your Halloween party,

or one of these handmade soaps,

or perhaps even one of these

 extremely creepy folk art dolls!

I'm partial to this little stack of pumpkins!

-Wishing you happy decorating,
a Happy Halloween,
and a beautiful Fall!

"CLICK" on descriptions below photos to visit their sites.
Many of these are one-of-a-kind items, and they do sell out. 
Oftentimes sellers will re-make a piece for you, upon request.

R E L A T E D       P O S T S  :

E t s y      H a l l o w e e n  !


Fall   Palette   by   E T S Y

For   the   love   of   F A L L