Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As mentioned in a previous post, I really have to look for ways

to be inspired during the endless summer heat.

Well, did I ever find some!

I've always kept up with Ann Sacks tile, and am crazy about their recent additions

to the "BEAU MONDE" and Michael S. Smith's "COSMATI" (below) collections!

I rarely find something that simply blows me away as do these....
I absolutely marvel at them! 

Is it too much to say the designers of ancient Herculaneum and Pompeii would have approved of these?!

I think one of them will have to end up in my Master Bath
(if it ever gets finished).

Seeing this level of beauty, craftsmanship and imagination
makes me HAPPY!!

 (Hope it does you too!)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hooray for Hollywood!

I don't know about you, but during these sweltering days when the "level orange" pollution is so thick I cannot get my contact lenses in or look at the news without seeing "DAY 68" of the oil disaster plastered everywhere, I have to ask:

HOW can it already be dog days
when it's only June??

Anyhow, such was my thinking on Saturday.
We went to see the new Tom Cruise - Cameron Diaz film, 
"Day and Knight."

Following mediocre reviews, my expecations were sufficiently low...but this film delivered!!

Much of it is a visual feast! 
After quick trips to Boston and NYC, the plot moves on
to a desert island and then Europe.

From the cobblestoned streets of Salzburg at night...

to vivid bursts of color and detail in Moorish Seville.

via flickr
As long as you don't take the plot too seriously, it's just the 
sheer, mindless entertainment
that Hollywood does so well!

via flickr
Allow yourself to forget, for two hours, whether you liked what Tom Cruise said three years ago or not...because
this movie is FUN!

via flickr
For a little while,
I forgot all about my bug bites and melted makeup....sometimes
a little escapism does a lot of good!

via flickr 
To the inflated ticket prices of blockbuster Hollywood, I say:
"Thank you!!"

(And, by the way, has Peter Sarsgaard ever played a good guy??)