Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Makeovers: what a difference a day makes!

I've oftentimes mentioned my love of House Beautiful Magazine.
Today I received my June 2010 issue, and its cover article:
"What you can do in a day."

"Rehang your artworks.  Put pieces in unusual places, like above a door.  Hang several in an asymmetrical collage, at least three inches apart."

"Buy bags of lavender at the farmers' market and set them in big baskets in the bathroom."

"Get a carpet remnant and put it down in an unusual place, like a patio or balcony.  Or take up some of your rugs.  Bare wood and stone floors can be just as beautiful." -ERIC COHLER

by albert hadley; schumacher's tortoise-shell wallpaper
"Paper the back of a cabinet or bookshelf in faux-snakeskin, crocodile, or ostrich.  Paint can't come close to the impact.  It will inspire you to rearrange your shelves." - JEAN LARETTE

burke decor
"Change your pillow story.  Nothing is about matching and everything is about layering.  I just bought a gorgeous needlepoint pillow of the British Flag and threw it on my white sofa, in a blue-and-white room that also has tangerine and purple velvet in it.  Everyone thinks I re-did the room." 

frank roop
"Paint a piece of furniture a different color.  Your old wooden bookshelf in high-polish lacquered green will take on new life!"

"Rent a dumpster and prune, prune, prune!  If you take a day and actually look at the things in your house, you'll realize that a million of them can be tossed!" - JONATHAN ADLER

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